Software Downloads

The latest firmware will be needed to use 3D Sprint direct connection with the ProJet MJP 5500X-E. However, if you desire to use some of the new 3D Sprint features for better file preparation/fixing,  you can also use 3D Sprint in ‘Virtual Printer’ mode with an earlier firmware to create a CTX or STL file that you can then transport to the printer using 3D Sprint version 1.1 Client.



3D Sprint Download Page - For the latest version of 3D Sprint, please visit the download page.

There you can find the information about the latest version including the following:

  • Application Installer
  • What’s New in 3D Sprint
  • Installation Guide for 3D Sprint
  • System Requirements for 3D Sprint
  • 3D Sprint Licensing Registration


For more support or information please visit or view the latest Application Help for 3D Sprint online.

For more information on the GeoMagic licensing system, please see the 3D Systems License Guide


3D Sprint Clean Up Utility - This tool can be run to fix an issue that may occur where the 3D Sprint application is not able to update or uninstall.

Legacy Software:

Geomagic_Print_User_Guide_5500X_en (1).chm