Preparation for Shipment Arrival

The following topics should be arranged PRIOR TO THE ARRIVAL OF THE SYSTEM, to simplify installation of the ProJet™ Production Printing Systems.  Refer to later sections of this guide for details of this procedure.
Make sure the following resources are available: 

    ____ A forklift or similar, heavy-duty equipment required for unloading the printer crate from the truck to the location where it
           will be uncrated and installed.
    ____ Network connection(s)
    ____ A certified electrician will be needed at the site to hard wire the printer.
    ____ Power outlet(s) - a dedicated circuit to power the printer
    ____ Storage for extra printer material containers and other consumables
    ____ At least one (1), networked graphics workstation or CAD/CAM/CAE terminal meeting the requirements described in Client Workstation Requirements. 


Note: Retain the shipping crate, brackets and hardware in case the ProJet™ Production Printing System needs to be shipped back to the manufacturer for repair. These crates are designed to allow fast, easy removal and packaging of the product. If printer needs to be return to the manufacturer, contact 3D Systems Customer Support for shipping instructions.