User and Printer E-Mail Account Setting

  1. Click the “Settings” icon at the bottom of touchscreen (A).
  2. Click on “Alerts >” (B) and select “Machine Email >” (C). Click in each field to enter the SMTP Server; SMTP Port; Primary DNS; User Name; User Password; Use TLS (see “Suggested Settings for Internal &  External SMTP Settings” below). 
  3. Return to “Alerts >” and select “Admin Email > (D).” Click in e-mail address and type in the email address to send “Printer Alerts” to your email. Slide the alert buttons (E) to "On" on the alerts that you want to be notified by email.



NOTE: Set up according to your preferred providers SMTP settings and local DNS settings. The last thing you need to do is set your DNS Server. This can be accessed and changed via the Network Setup Menu.


NOTE: The best way to determine your DNS Server, open a command window on your local computer and type in the following: ipconfig /all. Your local DNS Server will be displayed in the returned list. Enter that value as your DNS Server using the keypad.


Suggested Settings for Internal &  External SMTP Settings:

IMPORTANT: It is very important that you use the Send Test E-mail option when setting up your e-mail. If you are not receiving e-mail after setup, please check your junk mail before changing your settings to see if your system e-mail is getting sent to that location. 

 The external SMTP settings provided here are suggestions that were verified as working at the time of this software release. However, these are subject to change if the provider makes a change. Please verify the settings per your external SMTP provider if you are experiencing problems receiving e-mail.

Internal SMTP

SMTP Server: your internal server
SMTP Port:* “00000” or your internal server’s port User Name:  your server’s user name
User Password: your server’s password Admin E-mail address: your e-mail 

Use TLS: N 

Google Mail (i.e. Gmail)*  SMTP Server: or 
SMTP Port: 00587 or 00465 
User Name: your user name*Login Password: your pass-wordAdmin E-mail address: Use TLS: Y 
User Password: your password 
Admin E-mail Address: Use TLS: Y 
Hotmail Live  SMTP Server: 
SMTP Port: 00587 or 00025 
User Name: (Must have “@” after your username) 
User Password: your password 
Admin E-mail Address: Use TLS: Y 
Yahoo! Mail IMPORTANT: You must be a Yahoo mail plus ac-count subscriber to use their SMTP Server. SMTP Server: 
SMTP Port: 00465 
User Name: your user name