Start a Test Print or a Demo Print

  1.  Ensure that a clean print platform is installed and the door is closed. Click on the Online/Offline (A) to bring printer Offline.
  2. Click on the “Tools” icon (B) and select “Print Diagnostics” (C) on the menu. Select “Test Print” or “Demo Print” and select the mode that you want. Click “Yes” to confirm platform installed and that the  printer is online. The printer will begin printing. If printer is offline, click  “No” and return to the “Status Screen” to take printer Offline. Return to the “Test Print" or "Demo Print” menu (D) to start your print.
  3. After the print is completed,  the message “Remove Print” will display in the “Messages” dialog box. Open the printer door, and remove the print platform as described “Print Platform Installation.” To remove part and post  processing instructions, refer to VisiJet® Part Processing User Guide located in the ProJet MJP 3600 Library.