Material Cartridges Installation

NOTE: Before handling the part material cartridge, read the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS/SDS).

After powering on the printer, there is a 15 minute warm-up period before the material cartridges can be installed. The user touchscreen will direct you when the printer is warm enough to install material cartridges.

The printer’s material delivery module houses two support material cartridge holders and two part material cartridge holders. 

  • The support material cartridges are installed into the two holders located in the left side of drawer (D).
  • The part material cartridges are installed into the two holders located in the right side of drawer (E). 

CAUTION: Do not remove a cold material cartridge from the printer that has started the warming stage. Doing so could cause damage to the material cartridge and the MDM. Wait the required 15 minutes if it is necessary to remove cartridges.

CAUTION: When fully melted hot material cartridges are removed from the MDM, do not lay the cartridges on the side; the material will solidify in the vent cap cause the vent to clog. Do not reuse the cartridge in the MDM without turning the clogged vent cap, 1 1/2 turns. Doing so will cause the cartridge to collapse and may cause damage to the MDM.

CAUTION: Please keep bottles clean to avoid any chemical or particulate contamination of the bottle surface or bottle cap. Any contamination can be transferred from the bottle to the MDM and cause problems. The MDM must also be kept clean from chemicals or particulate contamination.


1. Unpack cartridges and the MSDS/SDS Sheet from cartons. Save sleeves and material carton to store partially used material cartridge.


  1. Open material delivery module (MDM), pull lever up and push material cartridges down into the right side of module until they are fully seated. Install the support materials into the two left module holders.


NOTE: If cartridges are not fully seated in holders, the drawer will not close.