TIPS  for Material Delivery System

We want you to have the very best possible experience with the material delivery system on your new ProJet® MJP 3600 system.   These tips are important to ensure you understand the key points about the system.


Which material is which?

When looking into the drawer of the Material Delivery Module (MDM), the layout below describes what material goes where and how we refer to each cubby via the User Interface (UI).




Use the cartridge release trigger

Do not remove cartridges without activating the cartridge release trigger, if you try to [uu the cartridge out without releasing the trigger, it could damage the mechanism on the cubby.

Please make sure that all cartridges are properly installed, seated and locked in place.  


 Use a cartridge until depleted

 3D Systems encourages installing cartridges and running the printer until each cartridge is depleted before swapping cartridges.  We do understand that under normal daily use, this may not be always manageable, and the printer does accommodate removing cartridges and replacing partially used cartridges.  We simply encourage leaving cartridges installed until depletion to help reduce the possibility of contamination or spill.

How much material do I have in the bottles?  

Do not remove hot bottles to check the amount remaining.  If you would like to check how much material is in a bottle, on the touchscreen:

  • Press the Materials icon at the bottom of touchscreen. 
  • Materials window opens and will show you the level of the part and support material remaining for every cartridge that is installed in the system.
  • If you make a change based on the information displayed (perhaps you installed a new bottle), note that the screen will not auto-update.  For cartridge changes to be displayed, you must first exit the Materials screen, install the new cartridge, close the drawer so that the new cartridge is recognized by the printer and select Materials.

The blue arrows in the pictures shows you the amount of materials that are in the bottles.


Cartridge action alerts (User Touchscreen)
The Printer will alert the user to “Add cartridge to Support MDM X; Add cartridge to Part MDM Y” for three reasons:

  • No cartridge is installed in the specified MDM
  • The cartridge installed in the specified MDM is empty
  • The cartridge installed in the specified MDM is not reading properly…alert 3DSystems
  •  The Printer will alert the user to “Add cartridge to Support MDM X (Not Melted)” if the printer thinks the cartridge is melted and yet it was still unable to retrieve material from that cartridge.  This can be due to a variety of issues; please contact your authorized service representative if you are experiencing this problem.
    • If the Printer reports that a cartridge is “Not Melted”, that cartridge will NOT get reused unless it is removed from the printer so that the printer recognizes that the cartridge is no longer present (could take up to 1-2 minutes), cardridge is inspected, and then reinstalled in the cubby.

If the Printer reports “Add cartridge to…”, please install a new cartridge before starting your next print.