ProJet MJP 3600W Max

                          ProJet MJP 3600W  - High Speed Micro-casting System

Build Mode

High Definition (HD)

Ultra High Definition (UHD)

Extreme High Definition (XHD)

Resolution (xyz)

375 x 450 x 790 DPI

750 x 750 x 1300 DPI

750 x 750 x 1600 DPI

Build speed (in/hr) in Z




Build volume (xyz)             

   11.75 x 7.2 x 8 inches     (298 x 185 x 203 mm)

accuracy  - per inch of part dimension typical

           +/-0.001-0.002 inches (+/-0.025-0.05mm per 25.4 mm) of part dimension

Layer thickness

32 micron (0.0012 inches)

20 micron (0.0008 inches)

16 micron (0.0006 inches)

Build material

 VisiJet M3 Hi-Cast, VisiJet M3 Cast


Deep Blue ( VisiJet M3 Hi-Cast), Purple (VisiJet M3 Cast)


 100% Wax

Material Delivery

1.75 kg total weight bottles; Maximum machine capacity - 2 Part & 2 Support Bottles

Support Material

VisiJet® S400 hands-free dissolvable wax

Part stacking 



Versatile tri-mode system capable of creating best in industry patterns, models and molds for a variety of applications.  Best in industry part quality and feature detail. Added capability to print in full build volume in all three modes.