Material Changeover Wizard

If another type of print material is required  for your next print job, the existing  material that was last used in he printer can be purged using the Material Change Over Wizard.
Press “Tools” (A) on the status screen and select “Material Change Over Wizard” (B) on the menu screen.   Click on the “Start Changeover,” a dialog box will appear asking for confirmation, select “Yes.”
The printer will start the purge process that will take approximately two hours.
After the cycle is completed, a test print will begin to ensure that the old material has been purged and the test print is printing with the new material.  

NOTE:  Before starting the Material Changeover Wizard, empty the waste pan to avoid material overflow.


CAUTION: Before removing waste materials from the waste drawer, adhere to all personal, and safe handling of materials described  in “Material Safety.”  Keep disposal records if local law requires.


WEAR GLOVES: Wear nitrile gloves when removing and disposing waste material.