Emptying Waste Drawer

CAUTION: Before removing waste materials from the waste drawer, adhere to all personal, and safe handling of materials described  in “Material Safety.”  Keep disposal records if local law requires.

WEAR GLOVES: Wear the appropriate gloves when required. For example, when touching surfaces that may contain or have been exposed to materials, wear nitrile gloves. Heat gloves are necessary when touching surfaces that may be hot to ensure burns don’t occur.

To remove waste pan:

  • If the printer is idle, open the waste drawer.
  • If the printer is operating,  press “Pause” on the Status Screen (A). When pause is completed, open waste drawer. 
  • Remove waste pan and place it in a plastic bag.
  • Remove waste material by scraping it out of pan and into the bag. 
  • Dispose of waste material according to your local law.
  • Replace  the waste pan in the right side of drawer. 
  • Close drawer and press “Pause” again to resume build. The icon will return to Online/Offline button.