Printer Operation

The print job submitted will be built when printer is ready unless: 

  • It is ONLINE / OFFLINE,  press the Play button (A) on the touchscreen. 
  • It does not have a clean buildpad installed; install clean one and press ONLINE / OFFLINE (A). 
  • The "Preparation Only" option in the "Submit" dialog box was checked. This causes the printer to wait until the print job was confirmed before printing.  This will enable you to change the job in the Preview window again before confirming.


NOTE: See “Checking Printer Status” and “Confirming Build Jobs.


When the Operator panel shows PLATFORM EMPTY? Y/N, verify platform is clean and free of debris.  If required, press NO and remove build platform from the printer to replace. 


Close chamber door and press Online button to bring the printer online. A dialog box will display asking “PLATFORM EMPTY? Y/N, select YES.  Otherwise, select No and install a clean buildpad. If the display shows please empty waste or next build will exceed waste capacity, open the waste drawer and then close drawer; the job starts automatically.  NOTE If the message shows WAITING FOR JOB, no jobs are in the printer’s queue. Please return the beginning of “Submit a Print Job” to the queue. Once in the queue, the job starts automatically.



Printer Status

To view the printer’s status, Click in “Status” icon and observe the screen for print name, print mode, print sender, est. print time, when the print began and when it will end. A percentage bar will inform you what percentage of the print is completed.