Client Manager -  3D application software used to create parts and send to the printer.

Print Platform - Removable platform on which parts are built. Support material adheres the part to the print platform and is removed from the printer once the job is complete.

Part Material - Is an ultraviolet (UV) curable material used to build the parts. Always wear nitrile gloves, lab coat and safety glasses when handling any uncured part material.

Chamber Door - The chamber door prevents harmful UV radiation from escaping the build chamber during the build process. The chamber door must be closed prior to starting or resuming a build job and is locked when a build is in progress.

Log - A log file is a zip file of logs used by service for resolving potential problems that may occur with the 3D printer system.

Head Maintenance Station (HMS)

Job Scale Percentage (Job Scale %) - This is used to re-size parts during the build process.

Material Change Wizard - A process used to switch from one part material type to another. The existing part material that was last used from the printer must be removed, and the material cleaned from the printer before adding a different part material type.

Material Delivery Module (MDM) - Stores and feeds the materials to the printer during the build process. The MDM holds two support cartridges and two part cartridges.

Post Processing (Finishing) - Is the final process to remove support material from parts and clean the parts to a smooth finish prior to surface finishing and coating.

Print Engine - The Print Engine contains major systems such as the Printhead, Planarizer, and UV Lamp Assembly.

Print Process - Three dimensional solid parts printed by the printer consist of two materials (support material and part material). The support material is a wax based material providing adhesion to the print platform, as well as, providing material used to produce supports required to build the model. The part material used to build the parts is an ultraviolet (UV) curable material. After a layer of material is deposited on the build chamber, the part is exposed to a UV flash lamp. The UV energy is absorbed by the material converting a liquid part material to a solid polymer. When the build is complete the part (consisting of the two materials) is adhered to the print platform by means of the support material.

Build Chamber -The area designated for the part to be built in.

Sensitizer - Uncured part material is a sensitizer, and can cause allergic reactions if it contacts skin without personal protection. Always wear nitrile gloves, lab coat and safety glasses when handling any uncured part or waste material. Sensitization can build up over time and what originally may not have caused an allergic reaction could begin to cause a reaction with over-exposure to part material.

Shrink Comparison Percentage (Shrink Comp %) - Used to adjust for expected shrinkage during the build so actual part dimensions more closely match actual dimensions.

Support Material - Wax based material that provides adhesion to the build platform and support for down facing surfaces and open volumes within the parts.

User Interface (UI) - User Interface is built into the top of the printer. Various features can be controlled and checked by the UI, such as the status of a print job, materials in the printer, shutdown the printer and well as checking on certain settings within the printer.

UV Lamp Assembly - The UV Lamps cure the part and support material as the printer is building a part.

Waste Bag - Plastic bag designated to catch the waste material from the building process. The waste bag is located in the MDM behind the Support Material. Always wear nitrile gloves, lab coat, and safety glasses when handling any uncured part or waste material.

Waste Material - Any uncured support and/or part material generated during a build process. Always wear nitrile gloves, lab coat, and safety glasses when handling any waste material.

X-Axis - The orientation of the part from left to right on the build platform.

Y-Axis - The orientation of the part from front to back on the build platform.

Z-Axis - The orientation of the part height on the build platform.

 .stl / .ctl Files - The files created using a three-dimensional solid Computer-aided design (CAD) software. These files are used to produce parts.