Touchscreen Panels

Status Screen

  • Print Name: name of the current print job.
  • Print Mode: current print job mode
  • Print Sender: computer name of the client that sent the print job.
  • Est. Print Time: time estimate in Hours, Minutes, seconds or how long the job will take to print
  • Print Start: Time stamp when the print started (below the print start, a sub line with show the elapsed print time)
  • Est. Print End: Time stamp when the print will end (below the print end, a sub line will show the remaining print time)
  • Progress Bar: serves multiple functions; printer’s progress when going through the warm-up stages.  Main purpose is for print progress.
  • Message: displays a printer’s state status messages.


Settings Screen

  • Select Printer: name of the current print job. A different printer can be selected by clicking on the > and choosing from available printers.
  • Network: displays the network set up of the selected printer.
  • User Interface:  displays the font size, language and the color screen of the touchscreen.
  • Alerts:  press “Alerts” to display e-mail alerts, machine e-mail  and admin. e-mail.  
    • E-mail Alert: you can control e-mail alerts by sliding the “On” button to receive alerts or sliding to “Off” to stop alerts. 
    • Machine E-mail: provides the e-mail server set up of the printer that is currently being used.
    • Admin Email: admin of the network , can control email alerts by sliding the “On/Off” button to avoid notification of various printer state.
  • Send a Test Email: after network and email setup is completed, a test email can be sent to your email to ensure that the machine email and the admin email are communicating.

Main Print Screen


The main print window displays all the print files by name and mode in the build queue along with allowing the user to change the printing order, delete the print and display specific details about the print.


Queue-Edit Mode:  after the job has been selected in the print queue, the control icons below the queue will become accessible to  move, copy, and delete jobs in the print queue.


Delete:  select a job in the queue, and click on button to delete job from the queue.  
Copy: select a job in the queue, and click on button to duplicate the job.  The job will appear in the queue.  
Move select a job in the queue, and click on button to move job to the top of the queue.  
Move select a job in the queue, and click on button to move job up one in the queue  
Move select a job in the queue, and click on button to move job down one in the queue  


Main Print Screen (Cont'd)


  • History: View print history from previous prints.  Access  this window by selecting the History button on the bottom of the screen. 
  • Queue: Select the Queue button to view what is in the printer's queue. When selecting the arrow beside the print name, a window will open displaying print name, print mode, estimated/actual print time, estimated/actual part material use, estimated/actual support material use.  If the file has been printed, this window will also display the print start and completed/aborted time.



Materials Screen

  • Emulates the four material delivery modules (MDM) positioned in the material drawer. The display shows if it is a support or part MDM; If material is installed; image of the bottle will display along with the material type, the amount of material in the bottle and an information Icon. 
  • When selecting the cartridge, an outline and the selected cartridge Information will display in the Support material or Part material message boxes. 


Tools Screen

The Tool Screen provides Print Diagnostics, Printer Info, Material Change Wizard and Printer Shutdown.

  • Print Diagnostics: click on the  arrow and select the type of diagnostics that you would like to perform.
    • Test Print- Default print file that test basic print parameters.
    • Drop Mass- Calibration print to ensure print jets are producing enough materials.
    • Tag Test- Test to ensure the print has no overhangs on the back side.
    • Verification- Prints a verification strips to check if any print jets are missing.
    • Demo Print-  Default print file for printing.
    • Head Maintenance Cycle- Run this to clean the print without running a print.
  • Printer Info.: click on the arrow to view.
    • Control Version- Identifies the version of the latest firmware installed.
    • 3DSPRINT- Identifies the version of the latest software installed.
    • Machine Type- Identifies the model of your printer.
    • Mac / PC Address-  Identifies your network IP Address.
  • Printer Usage:  Provides information printer usage.
    • Machine Hours- Provides the amount of time the printer is running.
    • Build Hours- Provides the amount of time that printer was building.
    • Lamp Hours: Identifies the amount of time the lamp was in use.
    • Part Material-  Amount of part material used.
    • Support Material-  Amount of support material used.
  • Material Change Wizard:  Purges the printing system of current materials in the system to prepare it for a different material that you want to use.
  • Printer Shutdown:  Provides options to shutdown or reboot printer or software restart.