Touchscreen Navigation

The top portion of the touchscreen displays the name, the printer type, the current date and time. Depending on the menu selected, the midsection of the touchscreen will display various screens in relation to the selected menu. The menu buttons allows the you to perform various task and also, provides printing information during the printing process.



Printer Control Icons

Preview: shows an image of what is currently printing.
Start: place the printer online/offline; resume a paused print. 
Pause: pauses the print
Stop: place the printer offline/abort print

Light: toggle the chamber light on and off


Printer Menu


Status: displays job as it is being built,  the mode, total printing time and alerts.

Settings: select printer; Network Settings, User Interface, Alerts
Printer Queue: shows the print jobs in the queue and the estimated print time.
Materials: displays the status of Support and Part Materials and alerts you when to add more materials.
Tools:  Printer Diagnostics; printer Infor-mation; Printer Usage; Upgrades; Material Change-out Wizard; Printer Shutdown

Indication & Navigation Icons

Navigates to another table or screen.
Moves selected job in the printer's queue up one position.
Moves selected job in the printer's queue up to the top position.
Moves selected job in the printer's queue down one position.
Copy the selected job in the queue.
Delete selected job in the queue.

Printer State Icons

Unknown State- Printer Off
Locked (On); Error (Flashing)
Printing Paused (Flashing)
Printing Paused (Flashing)