Submit a Job

Add a printer by clicking "add modeler"   and click on the available printer from the Client Manager.

Click on  "Submit"   to add a job to the printer's queue.  Click on "Select Files" and choose your .stl. / .ctl file that you would like to print.

If you wish to delete the part, select "Remove Files," The part will be deleted from the queue.


If the part is oversize, you can choose to automatically scale you part to the "Build to Fit."  Select "Yes" to build all parts in the platform at the scale factor specified. Click "No" to manually scale you part on the platform.
  • Select your build style from the "BuildStyle" drown down menu.
  • Select the options to send email notifications on printer status.
  • Select the unit of measure in "inch or "mm."



If large bulky parts are to be printed, you have the option to have a longer cooling pause to ensure that the parts is fully cured.

NOTE: This will increase the printing time of your part.

Client Manager's Printer Queue

If you want to display your part before sending to the printer, click on "Preview Print"   . Refer to " Print Preview"  that will allow you to manipulate your part on the simulated platform.
To move your job in the printer's queue, click on the job to highlight the one to be moved. If you want to move your job up, click   to move the print up one position in the printer's queue. Click on  to move the job to the top position in printer's queue.  Click on  to move the print down one position. Click on   to move your job to the bottom position.

After you have your part to your specifications, click on confirm"  to send the part to the printer.