Print Preview Overview

3D Modeler Print Preview

Print preview allows you to view your part on the simulated platform so that you can manipulate the part before sending to the printer. 






Add a CAD Part- STL or CTL to simulated platform.

B Submit a Job to the printer and Exit Print Preview.
C Part Selection- click on the part to select.
D Trackball View- rotates the platform in the axis.
E Triangle Selection- selected triangle turns purple.
F Deselect Triangle- selected triangle turns blue.
G Select All- all parts turn on platform gold.
H Deselect All- all parts on platform turn blue.
I Zoom-  hold mouse button in and highlight the area on the part to zoom in.
J Undo Previous Zoom
K Help Topic that leads you to 3DS Central to access more information on your 3D Printer.
L Select Part Information that provides all the parameters for your job.



Wire Frame Display- view wire frame part

N Bounding Box- displays part bounding box
0 Shaded Display- displays shaded part
P Display Support Creation Surface-  displays the area where supports will be created
Q Isometric View
R Top View
S Bottom View
T Front View
U Back View
V Left Side View
W Right Side View
X View Platform and Parts
Y View all Parts
Z View Selected Parts
1 Delete Selected Part- highlighted part will be deleted from the platform once "Yes" is selected.
2 Copy Selected Parts- select part and enter the number of copies desire or add percentages in XYZ axis
3 Mirror Selected Part
4 Translated Selected Part- 
5 Rotate Selected Part
6 Scale Selected Part
7 Align Down- Facing Plane
8 Align Up- Facing Plane
9 Align Facing X-Z Plane
10 Align Facing Y-Z Plane
11 Scale mm to inch
12 Scale inch to mm
13 Undo Last Action
14 Verify The Selected Part to ensure that it fits on the platform
15 Auto Parts Placement- automatically places the part on the platform
16 Quick Build Orientation- automatically orients the part for a quick build.
17 Estimate Build Time- give an estimate of time to build the part in hour and minutes