ProJet Professional Printing System

The ProJet® Professional Printing System consist of the following components, providing these functions:

  • Automatically outputs 3-dimensional models from digital data supplied to the modeler in the required .stl file format, using a two-material process.
  • 3DSPRINT Software is provided with each printer. This software provides you the ability to set up and submit jobs to the printer and may be installed on additional workstations (within your facility) at no additional cost per user. Each workstation should meet the minimum “Client Workstation Requirements.”
  • VisiJet® Support & Print Materials - VisiJet® print materials are for production of the actual part and the VisiJet® support materials are to produce the required support structures necessary to build 3-dimensional parts. These materials are formulated exclusively for use with the ProJet™ Professional Printing System.


What is Included:

One crated ProJet 3600 containing an accessories kit which consist of:

  • Two build platforms (what the model is built on).
  • A “Starter Pack” consisting of two cartridges of each of the two required materials - enough to get started printing without delay. One licensed copy of 3D Systems 3DSPRINT software with integrated online Help and installation instructions.
  • Region-specific ProJet Professional Printing System “country kit” consisting of:
  • One power cable kit consisting of a country-appropriate power cord, and a voltage warning document. 
  • One pack of nitrile gloves
  • (EU only) One external transformer kit, p/n 23418-901, for 200-240 VAC operation.