ProJet 3600 Preparation Checklist

NOTE: Unless governed by prior arrangement, 3D Systems is not responsible for loading the 3DSPRINT software on the user’s workstation(s). Thus, BEFORE THE PRINTER ARRIVES, ensure that your workstation is capable of supporting the requirements of both the software and communication with the printer via your network.


Review this list with a network administrator, IT department, facilities manager or other responsible person within your organization. Complete and place a check mark next to each item. Once everything is complete, photocopy this page, and fax it to +1 803-326-4797 (U.S.A.).

Please complete the following (please print):


Company Name: ___________________________________________    Contact (Print full name): _______________________________________________

Date faxed: ___________________________    Telephone (with area code): __________________________________________________

Email: ________________________________________


Please place a X each box once that item is complete.

_____ Final installation site selected. The intended physical location for each printer should be selected in advance, and checked for adherence to the guidelines set out in this guide.


_____ If required by the shipper, a method of removing the crate from the shipper’s truck has been arranged (dock, pallet-jack, lift-gate, or forklift) and is available to transfer the crate(s) to the de-crating location. The location intended for de-crating has been selected, and complies with the guidelines provided in this guide.


_____ NETWORK CONNECTION IS INSTALLED. An RJ45 (UTP, female connection jack) Ethernet network connection for EACH modeler that is to be installed at the delivery site must be installed, tested and functioning.  
Number of 10BASE-T connections ______ or, Number of 100BASE-TX connections ______  
_____ Operating system and workstation configurations are compatible and meet the minimum requirements as stated in the “Client Workstation Requirements” section.  
_____ TCP/IP is installed and enabled.  
_____ Static IP address(es) has/have been allocated for each modeler ordered. A permanent IP address on the network is assigned (presumably by a Network Administrator) to each modeler that is to be connected to the network. Write IP address here: _______________________________________________________  
_____ Dedicated, surge-and-spike-protected electrical power circuit for each modeler allocated (rated to withstand 1000 joules, clamping voltage of at least 300 VAC), meeting one of the following specifications (Place check mark beside the appropriate specification:  
   ____   100 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 13 A 
   ____   115 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 10 A 
   ____   230 VAC 50/60 Hz, 6.3 A (200-240 VAC operation requires 3D Systems’ external transformer kit, p/n 23418-90X-XX, provided separately in the modeler country kit.
 _____ Verify that no additional heavy equipment, especially with large electric motors (greater than 1.5 kW or 2 hp) are connected on the same circuit.  
_____ Provide a required uninterrupted power, especially in areas where circuits may be affected by brown outs, power fluctuations or lightning strikes, rated for 2.5 kVA, minimum.  
 _____ In Europe, use a minimum of 16 A, Type “C”, European-style circuit breakers. Once each item is complete, the modeler will be scheduled for immediate shipment, and the shipment installation coordinated with the customer and 3D Systems Field Service Engineer or an authorized reseller are responsible for uncrating and installing of the system.  


Before the printer is installed into this facility, I acknowledge that the installation site complies with the specifications stated in the ProJet® 3600 Facility Requirements Guide. Once the printer is installed, I agree not to alter any requirements without consulting with 3D Systems’ Customer Service Representative or a certified 3D Systems’ servicing representative.


Customer Signature: _____________________________________ Date: _______________

Please return a copy of the check list by FAXING it to the appropriate fax number provided in Partner / Customer Support contacts.