Preparation for Shipment Arrival

NOTE: Never unload, unpack, assemble, connect, or install 3D Systems’ ProJet™ Production Modeling System without the aid of a qualified 3D Systems Field Service Engineer or an authorized reseller.


The following topics should be arranged PRIOR TO THE ARRIVAL OF THE SYSTEM, to simplify installation of the printer. Refer to this guide for details of this procedure.

Make sure the following resources are available ( X ):
____     A forklift or similar, heavy-duty equipment required for unloading the modeler crate from the truck to the location where it will be  uncrated and installed.
____    Network connection(s) - 1
____     Power outlet(s) - a dedicated circuit to power the modeler
____     Storage cabinetry for extra modeler material containers and other consumables
____     At least one (1), networked graphics workstation or CAD/CAM/CAE terminal meeting the requirements described in Client Workstation Requirements.