Print Platform Removal and Installation

  1. Ensure the printer is turned on and the Printer State is in Ready or Standby mode.

Newest Karst Status.png

  1. Select the Access Platform button next to the light bulb icon on the printer touch screen.

NOTE: The Access Platform will not be available to select if the printer is not ready for the user to access the print platform.

  1. The printer will move into position in order to allow access to the print platform. When prompted, open the door to access the print platform.
  2. Lift to remove the platform.

  1. Install clean print platform. Close top door. If it is placed correctly the platform will automatically lower and clamp the print platform in place.

  1. A message will display (see below) asking user to confirm that the platform is clean, verify the platform is clean.

NOTE: Always be sure you are installing a room temperature print platform that is clean on both sides to avoid any printing issues. Also, confirm that the print platform is free from damage due to any drops or dings. Protruding metal on the platform may come in contact with the printhead and cause severe damage.