Inspecting and Cleaning Planarizer Ducts

Inspect and Clean Planarizer Ducts

Material can get trapped and built-up in the ducts of the planarizer. It is important to periodically inspect and clean these areas. Follow these steps to inspect and clean the planarizer ducts.

NOTE: Always wear nitrile gloves when inspecting and cleaning planarizer ducts.

To inspect and clean planarizer ducts:

  1. Click on Tools > Diagnostics > Inspect Planarizer Ducts .

Inspect Planarizer Ducts.png

  1. Carriage will move out of the way and planarizer assembly will tilt, allowing access to the ducts (2).

  1. Open planarizer cover to access the planarizer cover to access the planarizer assembly and ducts.
  2. Open Top Door.
  3. Take a foam swab with some Isopropyl alcohol on it and wipe in and around the ducts, taking care to remove all excess material.

  1. Inspect planarizer housing and if necessary, wipe excess material off with foam swab (4).

  1. Using a foam swab, gently wipe out excess material from holes. For stubborn areas, use a bit of isopropyl alcohol on the foam swab before wiping.
  2. When all material has been cleaned up, close top door and carriage will return to Home position.
  3. Dispose foam swabs in proper disposal container.
  4. On the user interface, click on Tools>Operator Maintenance>Planarizer Ducts>click Yes, that they have been cleaned.