Clean Print Carriage Optical Home Sensor

Clean Print Carriage Optical Home Sensor

Pixie Dust Removal from Opto Sensors

Over time pixie dust will accumulate on the Opto sensors and will need to be cleaned off. Follow this procedure for cleaning the Opto sensors.

NOTE: Always wear nitrile gloves when cleaning the Opto sensors.

  1. From the UI Select Tools > Diagnostics > Inspect Print Carriage Home Sensor. This will move the carriage into position.

Home Sensor.png

  1. Open Top Door.

  2. Lift the carriage cover to gain better visibility of the sensors.

  3. Push y-carriage to move flag away from sensor in order to clean inside of the sensor.
  4. Take a foam swab with isopropyl alcohol on it and gently wipe around the Opto sensors removing all the pixie dust from them.

  1. After all the excess pixie dust is cleaned off the sensors, close the carriage cover.

  2. Close the Top Door and carriage will move back into position.