ProJet MJP 2500 Plus Features

ProJet® MJP 2500 Plus  - Full Feature Printer with Additional Material Set

Build Mode                                                                                                              High Definition (HD)

Resolution (xyz)

800 x 900 x 790 DPI

Build speed (in/hr) in Z

1 Lane: 0.29

2 Lanes: 0.22

3 Lanes: 0.14


1 Lane: 7.3

2 Lanes: 5.5

3 Lanes: 3.5

Build speed (hr/in) in Z

1 Lane : 3.5

2 Lanes: 4.5

3 Lanes: 7.3


1 Lane: 0.14

2 Lanes: 0.18

3 Lanes: 0.29

Build volume (xyz) 

11.6 x 8.3 x 5.6 inches           (294 x 211 x 144 mm)

Accuracy  - per inch of part dimension typical

           +/- 0.001 to 0.002 inch/inch of part dimension 

Layer thickness

32 micron

Build material

 *VisiJet® M2R-WT (Rigid White, General Purpose),  *VisiJet® M2R-BK (Rigid Black, General Purpose), *VisiJet® M2R-CL (Rigid Clear, General Purpose), VisiJet® M2-EBK (Elastomeric Black High Flex), VisiJet® M2-ENT (Elastomeric Natural, High Flex), VisiJet® M2G-DUR (VisiJet ProFlex, Clear, PP-like), VisiJet® M2G-CL (VisiJet Armor, Clear, ABS-like), VisiJet® M2R-GRY (Rigid Gray, High Contrast) and VisiJet® M2R-TN

* Replaces former VisiJet® materials (RWT, RCL and RBK).

NOTE: VisiJet® M2G-CL and VisiJet® M2G-DUR materials use advanced chemistry that produces a stronger odor that may not be suitable for all office environments. See the Facility Requirements Guide for further details.


 UV Curable Plastic

Material Delivery

1.5 kg Part, 1.4 kg Support bottles

Maximum machine capacity - 2 Part & 2 Support Bottles

Support Material

VisiJet® M2 SUP hands-free melt away wax

Part stacking 



Fast and robust prototyping printer. Perfect for high fidelity prints of models for  design verification, functional testing and other applications. Additional elastomeric materials for applications requiring a soft plastic, such as gaskets and padding. Rigid Clear material provides opportunities to print almost transparent models.