Material Cartridge Removal and Installation

When a material cartridge is empty and needs to be replaced, or if a partially filled container needs to be replaced with a full container, perform the following procedure.

NOTE: It is important to verify the type of material currently in the MDM before proceeding with these steps.

Removing Material Cartridge

NOTE: Cartridges cannot be removed from a cold printer. The printer must be warm before drawer will open and cartridges can be removed.

NOTE: The software verifies that material cartridges are genuine to prevent possible compromised part quality and print head damage from the use of non-genuine material cartridges.  Material cartridge information and certain printer performance parameters are collected, but no personal or design data are collected.


The MDM drawer (A) is a push/push mechanism. Push to open drawer, push to lock drawer.

  1. Open the MDM drawer by pushing in at the recessed dimple.


  1. Pull the MDM drawer open.
  2. Turn the material cap (B) a 1/2 turn to clockwise to tighten the vent cap.

Drawer 1.png

  1. Press the release button (C) on the front. You will hear the cartridge release. Pull the cartridge out of the slot.
  1. Dispose of the empty cartridge according to local regulations.
  2. Wearing nitrile gloves and either protective sleeves or a lab coat to protect arms, use a disposable paper towel and wipe all material from the container seal assembly, if necessary you can use some isopropyl alcohol on the paper towel to wipe up the excess material.

NOTE:  It is important to always wear nitrile gloves and either protective sleeves or a labcoat to protect arms when coming in contact with materials to avoid getting materials on skin. Contact with skin may cause an allergic reaction.


Installing New Material Cartridge

NOTE: Cartridges cannot be installed into a cold printer. The printer must be warm before drawer will open and cartridges can be installed.


To place a material cartridge into the MDM, perform the following steps:

  1. Obtain a new material cartridge ensuring that it is the same material as currently installed in the MDM.


  1. If drawer is not already open, push to unlock drawer.
  2. Pull open the MDM drawer.

NOTE: The steps to install a support cartridge are the same as installing a part cartridge.


NOTE: To install cartridges into the MDM drawer properly ensure that the small cap be installed away from the user.


NOTE: It is important to verify the cartridges have been audibly clicked into place, have material in them, and the cartridge caps properly ventilated; otherwise the printer may not be able to pull material from the bottles, potentially resulting in the following fault codes:


  • 93-134 thru 137 - cartridge check needed
  1. Place cartridge in slot and push down until you hear it click in place.

Drawer 3.png

  1. Vent each cartridge by loosening the material cap (A) by a 1/2 turn counterclockwise.

Drawer 2.png

  1. Close the MDM drawer (B), by pushing in the dimple at the top until it’s latched securely.

Drawer 4.png

  1. Check the material level under the Materials tab (C) on the UI to ensure cartridge is seated properly into MDM and ready to print.

New Material.png


NOTE: Contact certified reseller partner or 3D Systems Customer Support when the UI continues to report an empty cartridge even though the cartridge is non-empty and is seated properly in the MDM.  Contact your certified reseller partner first or contact 3D Systems Customer Support, whose contact information can be found here.

2500Plus Empty.png