Changing Waste Bag

The UI will instruct the user when it is time to change the Waste Bag. Follow these steps to change the waste bag.

 NOTE: Even though  the waste bag may not appear full when the user is notified to change it, it is highly recommended to replace the waste bag when prompted to avoid unnecessary overflow and mess. When waste bag has been changed ensure you confirm the level has been reset to zero.

  1. Verify that the printer is in READY.
  2. Select Materials tab.

Newest Dash Material.png

  1. Select the wrench.png next to the Waste Bag status bar.

  2. Wearing protective Nitrile gloves, open the MDM drawer.
  3. Remove waste bag and dispose of bag according to local regulations.
  4. Inspect the waste bin for any remaining waste. If necessary, wipe out any waste that exists with the lint free cloth and isopropyl alcohol.

NOTE: If the waste bag is stuck to the liner when you attempt to remove it, replace the entire liner and bag to prevent the bag from tearing and causing material to leak into the receptacle. Waste bags can be ordered using part number 310248-00. With each order you will receive 30 bags and 1 liner.

  1. Confirm on the printer UI when you have completed replacing the waste bag.


The Waste Bag routine can also be accessed from the Operator Maintenance window.

Select Tools>Operator Maintenance