Full Material Changeover (MCO)

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For successful build jobs, when a user wants to switch from one part material to another without material mixing, a full Material Changeover (MCO) must be performed. A full MCO is required when switching from a rigid material to a elastomeric material or vise versa. 

NOTE: Please ensure you have replaced the waste bag with a new empty one PRIOR to starting the Material Changeover Procedure. Also, ensure you have the required materials for the material change – two MCO Cleaner 2500 cartridges, two new part material cartridges and two support material cartridges for head maintenance cycles.

NOTE: Full-MCO requires two support cartridges present to complete successfully.

NOTE: If MCO is not performed correctly, the color profile of the new installed material may have residual original material color.

  1. Ensure printer is in Ready state. Select Tools > Material Change Wizard from the UI.

Material Waste.png

  1. Select Start Material Changeover from the right.

  1. To start material changeover select Yes.

  1. Verify you have the required material on hand to start the material changeover procedure.


  1. The next step is to replace the waste bag before MCO process begins. If waste bag needs to be changed, select Replaced Waste Bag, after bag has been replaced. If the waste bag is empty already, select Use Existing Bag.

  1. The next screen shows that the Material Change Wizard has started.

  1. When the next pop up comes up, remove current part material cartridges and close the MDM drawer, select OK.

  1. Once complete, you will be prompted to insert two MCO Cleaner 2500 cartridges and close the MDM drawer. Select OK.

NOTE: This step can take 30-45 minutes to complete while it removes the old part material from the printer.


NOTE: If the cartridges are cold the process will take an additional 30 minutes to allow material to warm before continuing.


  1. The MCO Cleaner material flushes the rest of the part material out. This can take 30-45 minutes.

  1. When this pop up comes up, remove the cleaner cartridges out of the MDM and close the drawer. Select OK.

  1. Printer needs to flush out the Cleaner material. 
  2. When prompted the new part material cartridges need to be inserted into the MDM. Select OK.

NOTE: If the cartridges are cold the process will take an additional 30 minutes to allow material to warm before continuing.


  1. This step can take 30-60 minutes to complete loading the new material into the system.
  2. Once the Material Changeover Process is complete a confirmation screen will appear.