Removing Pixie Dust from UV Assemblies (left and right)

Removing Pixie Dust from UV Assemblies (right and left)

Over time, the UV assemblies accumulate a buildup of pixie dust (light coating of material particles) that will need to be wiped off with a lint free cloth and isopropyl alcohol.

Right UV Assembly

  1. Select Tools > Diagnostics > Inspect Planarizer Ducts

Inspect Ducts 2.png

  1. The print engine will be centered over the platform allowing user access to the UV lamp assembly.
  2. Place a paper towel underneath carriage to catch any material that is loosened during the wiping process.
  3. Reach underneath to the right UV lamp assembly and wipe pixie dust using a lint free cloth moistened with isopropyl alcohol.

NOTE: Always wear nitrile gloves and either a protective sleeve or lab coat when performing this procedure to protect skin from exposure to uncured materials.

NOTE: When wiping the right UV assembly use care not to touch printhead.

NOTE: It may be helpful to shine a flashlight where you are wiping for better visibility.

  1. When material is removed, carefully remove the paper towel and dispose of properly.

Left UV Assembly

  1. Lift left UV lamp cover up and gently wipe the entire underside of the UV Assembly with a lint free cloth moistened with isopropyl alcohol.

  2. When finished, close cover and top door.