Cleaning the Build Plate for the Next Job

The build plate should be cleaned prior to re-inserting it into the printer.

  1. Carefully use a sharp putty knife or single-edge, metal razor blade scraper (held at a 30 degree angle to the surface) to scrape any excess material from the build plate.  When using a razor blade scraper, be sure the blade is new and still sharp; do not use a dull or nicked blade.

NOTE: A standard tray for a paint roller can be used to collect the scrapings from the build plate.


SMP 16.png
Scrape any excess support off the platform



CAUTION: Use caution while scraping the plate and avoid damaging the plate with scratches or gouges.


  1. Spray the platform with Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and wipe with paper towels.  Alternatively, one can use the disposable IPA wipes to clean the plate.  Do not reuse the wipes.  Heating the plate briefly can aid in complete support removal.
SMP 17.png
Wipe the plate with IPA
  1. Always clean both sides of the build plate.