At A Glance

The MJP EasyClean System consists of two EasyClean Warmer Units and a EasyClean Accessory Kit. When purchasing a complete MJP EasyClean System you will receive three boxes. The warmer units are identical and one will be used for bulk wax removal and the other for fine wax removal. The illustration below outlines the main components of the system.


 EasyClean Warmer Unit

 Bulk Removal Pan (in accessory kit) - Is designed to catch the melted wax (studs in base).

 Strainer (in accessory kit) - Strainer is helpful when removing parts from unit.

 Bulk Wax Removal Full Size Cover (in accessory kit) - Covers the entire bulk wax removal system. Be careful when lifting cover off of hot warmer, cover gets hot. Always tilt cover so steam is away from you.



             FINE WAX REMOVAL

 EasyClean Warmer Unit

 Fine Removal Pan (in accessory kit) - Is designed to contain the fine wax removal fluid.

 Steam Cover (in accessory kit) - Cover helps reduce evaporation from the systems water reservoir.

 Fine Wax Removal Cover (in accessory kit) - Covers the fine wax cleaning fluid pan.


                         FRONT CONTROLS ON BOTH UNITS

 Add Water Indicator - Indicator will illuminate when water needs to be added to the system reservoir.

 Temperature Dial - Bulk Wax Set to 10, Fine Wax Set to 6.

 On/Off Switch - Turns system on and off.

 On Light - When light is illuminated system is on.

Accessory Kit also includes removable handles that are inserted into the sides of the strainer basket for ease of removal.

The hooks on each handle are inserted into the two slots on each side of the strainer. This allows the strainer basket to be lifted without the user having to touch the hot surfaces or liquids. When strainer has been moved, and user is done with handles, remove them and store somewhere close for the next application. Do not leave the handles in the warmer.