Vacuum Excess Core Material

After every build, vacuum up all loose Core material in the Build Chamber, including the Build Bed, Deck, and Fast Axis including the Rails and Carriage. To vacuum:

  1. Close the printer top cover.
  2. Select VACUUM on the LCD menu.
  3. Open the printer top cover. The vacuum starts. Remove the vacuum hose from its stand.
  4. Vacuum any excess Core™ in the Build Bed, around the Deck, and on top of the Fast Axis. Pull the Fast Axis forward and check for Core™ towards the back of the Build Chamber as well.
  • You can leave Core in the Spread Deck (the area behind the Build Bed where Core™ is deposited from the Feeder and spread to the Build Bed).

16.jpg   17.jpg

  1. The vacuum will stop automatically if the Feeder becomes full, or you can push the Control Knob once to shut off the vacuum. If the Feeder does become full, the LCD displays:






  1. Only continue running the vacuum if there is very little Core remaining to be cleaned up.

NOTE: When the feeder is full, it has enough Core to complete a build that uses the entire vertical capacity of the Build Bed. Adding further Core provides no benefit, and risks overfilling the feeder. Do not continue running the vacuum after the FEEDER IS FULL message appears. If you continue to vacuum Core into the feeder, the LCD will display FEEDER LIMIT and the vacuum will be disabled.

  1. When you are finished, return the hose to its holder.


Important: Important: Never vacuum up any fluids or non Core™ material. Doing so will clog the vacuum system.