Cleaning Procedure

  1. Place paper towels around the Service Station, and between the Service Station and the Build Bed.
  2. Cover the front overflow with paper towels.
  3. Push the lever to position the Squeegees for easier cleaning.

Caution: Squeegees may fling waste as they flip upward.


  1. Position the squirt bottle close to the station and squirt water into the service station.


  1. Use the cotton swabs or a paper towel and wipe the service station thoroughly.
  2. Use a brush or the Pick to scrape excess Core out of any corners.


  1. Thoroughly wipe the Service Station clean.

NOTE: Pay special attention to  the underside of the squeegee scraper bar to ensure it is completely clean.


  1. Wipe up any water that may have spilled onto the Deck or Build Bed and any other contaminants or Core that has become wet. Vacuum up any loose Core. Do not vacuum the service station itself.

Important: Never vacuum up water or other fluids - it will clog the vacuum system.

  1. Remove the paper towels from the front overflow. Close the printer top cover.