Print The Build

  1. Select Build > on the Toolbar to display the Printing Options dialog.
  • Layer Print Range allows you to print either the entire build or just a selected range of layers.
  • Delay Start Time allows you to start the job at a specified later time.
  • Print Log and Detailed Report generate log files that describe what happened during the print job. These are very useful in troubleshooting printing problems, and we recommend you check them.
  1. Select OK when you have selected your options.
  2. The Printer Status dialog appears.

3DPrint checks the printer readiness and calculates the materials needed to complete the build. The results are reported in the Printer Status dialog for you to check before starting the build.

  • The dialog shows OK for each item and the Print button is enabled when the printer is ready.
  • If you see a message and the Print button is not available for selection, see Chapter 5 - Additional Operations for instructions on how to clear a message.
  1. Choose your options for the build in the Print Job Options section of the Printer Status dialog.
  • Delay Start Time - Delays starting the build for a time period you specify.
  1. Check the Printer Status window to see what is currently displayed on the printer LCD menu. The printer must be Online before you can start the print job.
  2. When all of the items in the Print Head, Core, and General sections show OK, the Print button is enabled. Click Print to start the build. Before starting the build, the printer will:
  • Service the print head
  • Fill the Build Bed with Core and then spread one layer to make the top surface smooth
  1. The Printing dialog opens and tracks the following information for the duration of the build:
  • Estimated Finish Time
  • Estimated Time Remaining
  • Layer% Completion status bar
  • Starting Time
  • Elapsed Time
  • Pause Button - Click to pause the build. Click again to resume the build
  • Cancel Button - Click to cancel the build
  • Cross-section view (2D) of the current build
  • Part orientation of the current build as it is printing, in the X-Z Axis (side view)