Prepare the Build Area

Before printing, always check the below listed items.

  • Check that the Deck, Fast Axis, and Build Bed are clean of any loose Core material. See ’Vacuum Excess Core Material’ for instructions on how to vacuum up excess Core from these areas.
  • Check that the Debris separator is empty. See ’Empty The Debris Separator’ for instructions on how to empty the Debris separator.
  • Check that Carriage and Rails are clean. See ’Clean The Fast Axis Rails and Carriage’ for instructions on how to clean the Carriage and Rails.
  • Check that the Service Station is clean. See ’Clean The Service Station’ for instructions on how to clean the Service Station.
  • Check that the Printhead is clean of debris. See 'Clean Printhead' for instructions on how to clean the Printhead.
  • Check that the platform is raised to the top of the Build Bed. Select PREP BUILD CHAMBER > CONTINUE on the LCD menu to raise the platform to its proper position.
  • Check that the vacuum hose will not contact the Fast Axis as it moves during printing.


                    A clean, properly prepared Build Bed