Install/Change the Print Head

If the Printer Status dialog indicates a print head needs changing, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the printer top cover.
  2. If the piston is not already lowered some distance into the build box, lower it now by selecting LOWER PISTON. The piston will lower a short distance. To lower it further, select LOWER PISTON again.
  3. On the printer’s LCD menu, select PRINT HEAD then CHANGE PRINT HEAD. The Printer moves the Fast Axis out over the Build Bed.
  4. Open the carriage cover by releasing the latch.


  1. Lift print head out of its slot and properly recycle or dispose of the spent cartridge.

29.jpg 30.jpg

  1. Get an alcohol crush-tube swab. Snap it to break the glass inside, and squeeze the tube to saturate the swab. Alternately, you can use Isopropyl Alcohol on a non-shed swab.


  1. Wipe off all the pogo pins for (both) printhead(s) (inside the carriage) with the alcohol swab. Use additional swabs if needed.


  1. Wet a paper towel with distilled water and wipe the underside of the Carriage. Keep wiping until the towel picks up no more debris or ink.


  1. Dry with a clean paper towel.
  2. Allow several minutes to ensure all alcohol has evaporated off of the pogo pins before proceeding to next step.
  3. Remove the new printhead from its packaging. Be sure to pull the tape tab off of the new printhead.


  1. Insert the new printhead. Press down firmly on the top of the printhead, at the same side as the pogo pins, to securely fit the printhead into its slot.


  1. Close the carriage cover by pressing down until you hear it click shut. Be sure the latch is engaged.


  1. Close the printer top cover. Select CONTINUE on the LCD.
  2. The fast axis reparks.
  3. If the HP11 printhead was replaced, it will need to be purged of its black ink before printing a part. You can select PURGE now, otherwise the printer will perform a purge the next time you start a build.
  4. In the 260C/260Plus/460Plus, the printheads will need to be realigned. This will be done via an automatic Alignment Print next time you start a build.