Coarse Cleaning

Your part prints and dries in the Build Bed surrounded by unused, loose Core. You will need to remove unused Core from the Build Bed after the drying cycle is finished.

  1. Before you begin vacuuming, check the part orientation in 3DPrint to avoid damage to your part.
  2. On the LCD Display, select VACUUM.
  3. Open the printer top cover. The vacuum starts. Use the Control Knob to move the Build Platform up as you vacuum. Unused Core that is vacuumed from the Build Bed is recycled back into the printer Feeder so it can be used for future builds.

Important: For delicate parts, or parts with especially delicate features, it is recommended that you build the part with a Fixture. Refer to the 3DPrint User Manual for details on adding a Fixture.

Important: Never use the vacuum system for anything other that clean reusable Core™ material.