Where To Go For More Information

Quick Start Guide - A Quick Reference Guide is included on the 3DPrint Installation media (typically a USB memory stick) that accompanied your printer. It has pictures and simple, step-by-step instructions to guide you through a print job. Additional copies are available on our Web site at infocenter.3dsystems.com/projetcjpx60/quick-start-guide

Software User Manual - A User Manual for the 3DPrint Software is supplied on the Installation media (typically a USB memory stick) with the software. Additional copies are available on our Web site at infocenter.3dsystems.com/projetcjpx60/3d-print™-software-user-guide

Software Downloads - The latest 3DPrint software can be found at infocenter.3dsystems.com/projetcjpx60/software-downloads

Post-Processing - Learn more about the different post-processing products that are available to use with your printer, on the Materials section of our User Web site at infocenter.3dsystems.com/projetcjpx60/post-processing-guide

Consumables - To order consumables/materials, contact your local Service Provider or Reseller.