Post Processing With StrengthMax™

Important:  You must read and understand the StrengthMax User Guide and Material Safety Data Sheet before attempting to post process with StrengthMax. StrengthMax must be used with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment under a ventilation hood and stored in a cool, dry place. The curing reaction will generate heat. Wear a dust mask when sanding finished parts.

StrengthMax is a two part epoxy Infiltrant best used on functional parts where very high strength is desired. Resin and hardener are mixed at the appropriate ratio and then applied to the part with a paint brush in multiple thin coats. The part is then wiped clean of excess Infiltrant. Parts are generally no longer tacky after 2 hours and fully cured in 24 hours depending on part size and geometry.

Parts fully infiltrated with StrengthMax are roughly twice as strong as a part infiltrated with ColorBond. StrengthMax results in parts with colors that are vibrant, though slightly less so than those treated with ColorBond. The surface finish will be very glossy and smooth, depending on the amount of Infiltrant used. Parts infiltrated with StrengthMax are easily sanded, painted, joined, and even machined.

For complete details on post processing with StrengthMax see the StrengthMax User Guide.