Post Processing With ColorBond™

Important:  You must read and understand the ColorBond User Guide and Material Safety Data Sheet before attempting to post process with ColorBond. ColorBond must be used with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment in a well ventilated area and stored in a cool, dry place. The curing reaction will generate heat. Wear a dust mask when sanding finished parts.

ColorBond infiltration is the most commonly used and best general purpose infiltration method. Using this method, parts may either be drizzled with or dipped in ColorBond depending on the model’s level of detail and intended use. Drizzling is recommended for parts with delicate features using a smaller bottle of ColorBond, while dipping is the recommended method for maximum strength.

After applying a method of ColorBond infiltration, the part must then be dabbed clean of excess Infiltrant and left to dry. Parts are generally safe to handle after 15 minutes, but drying time may vary depending of part size and geometry. ColorBond infiltration results in a high strength part with the most vibrant colors. Surface finish is unaffected unless excess Infiltrant is not wiped off before drying. Parts infiltrated with ColorBond are easily sanded, painted, and joined.

For complete details on post processing with ColorBond see the ColorBond User Guide.