Setting Up Your Printer

NOTE: Before starting your first part, please ensure that the printer is clean and that it is kept well-maintained. Please see the ProJet® CJP 160, 260C, 260Plus, 360 and 460Plus User Guide for further instructions on properly cleaning your printer.


Add Binder

To add binder, follow the steps below.

  • Before inserting the cartridge into the housing, check the expiration date, and ensure the cartridge label is in the correct orientation.
  • Insert cartridge into its housing. Ensure it is pushed all the way in; you should feel it gently snap into place.
  • Important: If a cartridge does not snap into place, do not force it. Check the orientation and that it is the correct type of cartridge and try again.
  • If there is not enough binder in the reservoir, 3DPrint displays BINDER LOW in the Printer Status dialog.
    Important: Do not add binder unless you are prompted to in the Printer Status dialog.





Add Core

To add Core, follow the steps below.

  • Open the printer cover and vacuum Core into the feeder by selecting VACUUM on the display. Important: Never use the vacuum for any material other than clean Core. Doing so will clog the vacuum system.
  • 3DPrint evaluates the geometry of the part to determine if there is enough Core in the Feeder to complete the build. If there is not enough Core, 3DPrint displays ADD CORE in the Printer Status dialog. Important: Do not add Core to the Feeder unless you are prompted to in the 3DPrint Printer Status dialog.
  • The printer cannot start a print job when the top cover is open; ensure cover is closed before printing. Do not open the cover while the machine is printing.