Setting Up a Build to Print

NOTE: Before starting your first part, please ensure that the printer is clean and that it is kept well-maintained. Please see the ProJet® CJP X60 Series User Guide for further instructions on properly cleaning your printer.

  1. Open your 3D content in 3DPrint.
  2. Under Settings tab, press "Materials."
  3. Check your printer settings to be sure the correct printer and material set are displayed.

NOTE: If you need to change any settings, refer to the Setup and Print the Build section of the User Guide

  1. In Home tab, press "Build" icon.
  2. Check the Printer Status window. If all the Print Head, Core™, and General items display OK, the Print button is enabled.

NOTE: If any items need attention, the Print button is disabled. Refer to the Additional Operations section of the User Guide for details on how to get the printer ready and clear any messages.

  1. Select any Print Options for this build. If the part has delicate features, deselect the option for Empty Build Piston After Printing (ProJet 460Plus only).
  2. Click Print to start your build.
  3. The Printing dialog opens and reports the status of the print job as the build progresses.
  4. Click Pause to pause the current print job. Click again to resume printing.
  5. Click Cancel to cancel printing this job.

Important: Pausing for more than 10 minutes may cause print defects.