It is very important that you keep your printer well-maintained. Please read the x60 User Guide to properly clean your printer. A clean, well-maintained printer produces better parts, has less downtime, and needs fewer service calls.

Routine Cleaning After Every Build

After every build, it is important to clean your printer following the steps below.
Routine cleaning includes the following steps:


Vacuum Up Excess Core

  • Select VACUUM & CLEANING on the LCD menu. Open the top cover. The vacuum starts.
    Vacuum the following areas:

    • The top of the Fast Axis; also reach inside to vacuum the Rails and the top of the Printhead Carriage.
    • The Build Bed (but not the Feeder side).
    • The deck around the Build Bed
    • Press the Control Knob once to turn off the vacuum.

Important: Do not vacuum the Service station. Use the vacuum only on clean, reusable Core


Empty the Debris Separator

  • Pull the Debris Separator out of its housing on the printer.
  • Empty the contents into a trash receptacle.
  • Use the soft brush found in the Accessory Kit to brush caked Core fom the screen and into a trash receptacle.
  • Return the empty Debris Separator to its housing. Be sure to push the Separator flat against the panel for a secure fit.


Clean the Rails and Carriage

  • Pull the Fast Axis toward the front of the printer.
  • Using a paper towel dampened with distilled water, wipe the top and bottom Rails. Move the Carriage back and forth as needed to clean the entire length of both rails. Using a clean, dry paper towel, thoroughly dry both Rails.
  • Using a fresh paper towel, wipe the Carriage to remove any Core. Clean the Build Bed and Deck of any water or damp Core.


Clean the Service Station

  • You will need several dry paper towels and a cotton swab, a squirt bottle filled with distilled water, disposable gloves, and Pick and Syringe from the Accessories Kit.
  • Open the printer top cover and the Service Station cover.
  • Place paper towels around the Service Station as well as the Front Overflow and the Build Bed.
  • Pull the Service Station wiper lever all the way forward until the rubber squeegees are fully exposed. Use caution - Binder may fling off of the squeegees. Hold the lever and squirt water on and around the squeegees.
  • Pay special attention to the underside of the squeegee scraper bar. Ensure it is fully cleaned.
  • Important: Don't get water in the front overflow or on the build bed.
  • Wipe the front and back of the squeegees clean. Use the Pick to scrape away any excess Core.
  • Thoroughly clean and dry the Service Station, Deck, Build Bed, and Front Overflow. Push the wiper lever back to its original position.