Try This First

Before calling for service, follow these steps:

  1. Clean the machine thoroughly!

This includes all parts of the deck, service station, axis rails, pulley teeth, and pogo pins. Remove any debris build up at the ends of travel, on the axis rail and even on the axis rail supports.
Finally, you should remove the printheads and clean the pogo pins. If the printheads are old, dirty, or have reported an error through 3DPrint, replace the printheads with new ones.

  1. Perform any needed maintenance.

Check the Printer Status Dialog window in 3DPrint for any maintenance that is due.

  1. Inspect the printer.

Perform a quick inspection of the machine. During the inspection you should be looking for any signs of leaks, loose screws or loose nuts. Loose screws or nuts should be tightened and leaks should be reported to your local Service Provider immediately.

  1. Check for motion problems

Turn the machine off and move the carriage and fast axis to the middle of the build bed. Wait 60 seconds, then re-boot the machine. Watch for any obstructions or jumpy movements. If the movements are jumpy in any axis, clean the rail as described in step 1 above and lubricate that axis.

  1. Troubleshoot.

If none of these actions resolve the problem, you will need to troubleshoot what’s happening. Use the flowcharts and tables in the following sections to discover the problem and resolve it.