Part Quality Issues Streaky/Striped Parts, Delamination, Weak Parts

Explanation: In a color print job, streaky or striped parts are easy to identify (see photo below). The streaks or stripes are caused either by Core buildup on the print head, a failed print head, or an electrical issue within the printer. With a monochrome printer, this is harder to see, and in fact often shows up as weak parts, or parts that delaminate.

Delamination (layers splitting apart) may be due to a print head that is caked with Core, or a pause in network communications, or a manual pause of more than 15 minutes.

Solution - Both:

  • Clean the service station.
  • Ensure the printer has Cleaning Solution.
  • Clean the Fast Axis Rails of any debris and reboot the printer. See Section, ’Clean The Fast Axis Rails and Carriage’.

If the problem persists,

  • Clean the pogo pins and the print head contacts.


Additional Solution - Delamination
Check your PC settings. The printer may be pausing as it waits for additional data from the PC. While pausing, the printed part begins to dry and as a result the next layer does not stick to the last layer printed. Your PC should be dedicated to 3D Print. Your PC Power Management software should be completely shut off.