Motion Errors/Slow Axis

There are a number of Error Codes the printer may report that all relate to the Slow Axis, and that all share a common set of solutions.

  • Error Codes covered in this section:
  • Error 2301:0 Motors Not Rezeroed
  • Error 2303:0 x Axis Pos Error
  • Error 2305:0 x Axis Settle Error
  • Error 2400:0 x Axis Seek Error
  • Error 3011 System Error
  • Error 3013 Sequencer Timeout
  • Error 43000 Sequencer Timeout

For more detailed information on what these errors mean, see Section, ’Error Codes and Messages Background Details’.

How to do it
To perform the cleaning and lubrication called for in the flowchart, see:

  • Section, ’Slow Axis Bearing Lubrication’