Vacuum Has Low/No Suction

Explanation: This is usually an indication that the Debris Separator needs to be emptied and cleaned, or that the vacuum hose is plugged or damaged. Less commonly, the printer may have been turned off and on too quickly. Always wait 1 minute after turning power off before turning it on again.


  • Debris Separator
    • Remove the Debris Separator and empty the contents into a waste receptacle.
    • Check that its gasket is not damaged. Also check that all four magnets are in place on the back of the Separator. These magnets hold the Separator against the panel.
    • When you replace the Debris Separator, ensure that it is flush against the panel.
  • Vacuum Hose
    • Check the vacuum hose is not plugged with debris.
    • Check that the vacuum hose is not cut or torn.
  • Power Cycling
    • Turn the printer power off.
    • Wait a full 60 seconds for the motors, valves, etc. to completely reset.
    • Turn the printer power back on.

If after checking these items the problem persists, contact your Service Provider.