Error Codes and Messages Background Details

Below is a more detailed explanation of some of the error codes and messages the printer may report.



Error 40800

Error 1004

Error 1010

Error 1009

Error 1003

Error 1008

Explanation: 1000ml is the expected life of a print head that uses clear binder. In the rare instances where the print head does not last this long, the reasons are varied. Some print heads may fail if the printer does not run a build on a regular basis. They may also prematurely fail if the printer is turned off for long periods.

Solution: We recommend leaving your printer turned on when not in use. Doing this will allow the printer to automatically maintain the print head with a routine it runs between builds. Also, when changing a print head, be sure to clean the pogo pins at the same time. Failure to clean the pogo pins may result in poor contact to the print head, causing the system to report an error and preventing operation of the printer.

Error 1006

Explanation: This error is most likely caused by a print head reaching the end of its life. As a print head ages, it overheats and eventually reports this error. It could also be a failed connection
between the printer and the print head.

Solution: This error is most often avoided by following best practices for keeping the printer clear of excess Core and to clean the pogo contacts every time a print head is changed.
The Printer will prompt you when the print head has reached its maximum life and requires changing. Change the print head according to the instructions in this manual. When a
print head is changed, the Printer will run an automatic purge cycle.

Error 2303 (0)
Error 2303 (1)

Explanation: If the error shows 2303 (0) it means that there is excessive friction on the slow axis rails, or something is obstructing the travel path of the axis. If the error is 2303 (1), it means that there is excessive friction on the fast axis rails, or something is obstructing the travel path of the axis.

Solution: First, ensure there is nothing blocking the travel path of either axis. If there is no obstruction, then it usually means that the fast or slow axis needs to be greased. Follow the instructions in the Printer Maintenance chapter for greasing the slow or fast axis. 

Error 1905

Explanation: This error is caused by a layer that is too large for the printer’s buffer. The printer is unable to process the layer and reports the error. This is most common with GIS, architecture, and scanned files, which are usually very large.

Solution: Try rotating the part on the X-Z-axis to increase the layer count and reduce the size of each layer. The risk in doing this is 3DPrint is unable to check for layer size before it begins the build. We recommend reducing the detail on the file and trying the print again.