Troubleshooting the ProJet® x60 Printers

If you should encounter any problems with your ProJet® x60, the steps below will help you troubleshoot the problem and, in most cases, correct it yourself. If you need to call service, we’ve provided a list of the information to have ready for your Service Provider.

Start Here

Start with Section, ’Try This First’. In many cases this will solve the problem. If it doesn’t, gather the information described below and use the Troubleshoot section that follows to find the problem.

Gather Information

Carefully observe what the printer is doing.

  • Turn the printer off, wait 1 minute, then turn it on again.
  • Does it power up normally? What is displayed on the LCD?
  • Does it report any errors? What are the error codes?
  • Are there problems with the parts it builds? What specifically is wrong with the parts?


Once you have the information above, use these troubleshooting flowcharts and tables to isolate the problem.
Power Up Problems

  • Section, ’Problems Powering Up’

Print Head Errors

  • Section, ’Print Head Errors/Weak Parts’

Motion Errors

  • Section, ’Motion Errors/Fast Axis’
  • Section, ’Motion Errors/Slow Axis’

Network Errors

  • Section, ’Network Errors/Cannot Connect to Printer’
  • Section, ’Network Errors/Packet Timeout’

Part Quality Problems

  • Section, ’Part Quality Issues Streaky/Striped Parts, Delamination, Weak Parts’
  • Section, ’Part Quality Issues Bad Surface Finish’

Other problems

  • Section, ’Miscellaneous Problems’

Additional information

  • Section, ’Error Codes and Messages Background Details’
  • Section, ’Additional Information’

Call for Service
If you do need to call service, use the checklist provided here to gather the information your Service Provider will need.

  • Section, ’Calling for Service’