Replacing the Spittoon Pad

Frequency: As needed, when the pad becomes excessively saturated or leakage problems occur.

Important: Wear gloves for this procedure. Use caution as color ink may stain clothing.

  1. Open the top cover. Pull the Fast Axis assembly all the way to the front of the printer.
  2. Locate the Spittoon inside the Fast Axis assembly. Note the two prongs holding the Spittoon in place, located on the right- facing side of the Fast Axis.
  3. With one hand on the Spittoon, use the other to gently push the front prong toward the back of the printer. At the same time, rock the Spittoon toward the rear of the printer- it will pop free of the Fast Axis.







Spittoon Prongs

  1. Dispose of the saturated Spittoon Pad in a trash receptacle. Clean the Spittoon using a paper towel. Insert the clean replacement Spittoon Pad.
  2. Re-insert the Spittoon in the correct orientation. It will click into place.