Piston Screw Lubrication

Frequency: When prompted to in 3D Print.


NOTE: Wear protective gloves for the below procedure.

  1. Remove both the rear cover panel of the printer.
  2. Remove the left (Build Chamber) side panel.
  3. On the LCD display, select BUILD CHAMBER > LOWER PLATFORM. Hold the Control Knob down and lower the Build Bed platform as far as you can to expose the entire length of the piston screw.
  4. Assemble the grease gun that is part of your Accessories Kit according to the instructions found in the document 09576 Grease Gun Loading Instructions, which is supplied on the software installation media shipped with the printer. You can also find these instructions on our Web site a infocenter.3dsystems.com/product-library/projet-cjp-x60/service
  5. Look into the left end of the printer, under the build platform, and locate the piston screw.
  6. Wipe the Piston Screw clean of old grease, dust, etc.

piston screw.png

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Piston Screw

  1. Squirt grease onto a paper towel and spread the grease up and down the Piston Screw to evenly distribute it over the entire length of the screw.


  1. Move the Build Bed up and down through its full range of travel a couple of times to finish lubricating the screw. Use the LCD menu items BUILD CHAMBER > RAISE PLATFORM and BUILD CHAMBER > LOWER PLATFORM. Don’t forget to hold down the Control Knob to raise or lower the platform.
  2. Wipe off any grease that may collect at the bottom of the screw with a clean paper towel.
  3. Replace the side and back cover panels.
  4. Reset the Maintenance Counter in 3DPrint.