Fast Axis Bearing Lubrication

Frequency: When prompted in 3DPrint, or when you receive Error 2303-1.

  1. Before lubricating the Fast Axis, make sure the rails and carriage are clean. Follow the cleaning instructions in the Routine Cleaning chapter.
  2. Assemble the grease gun that is part of your Accessories Kit according to the instructions found in the document 09576 Grease Gun Loading Instructions, which is supplied on the software installation media shipped with the printer. You can also find these instructions on our Web site at

  3. Squeeze the handle until grease dispenses from the tip. Wipe clean with a clean paper towel.
  4. Locate the Fast Axis grease fitting. Place the tip of the grease gun over the grease fitting. Push down to snap the gun into place on the fitting.
  5. Pump in a few squirts of grease until grease comes out the Relief Hole.
  6. Slide the Carriage back and forth to distribute the grease evenly over the Top Rail.
  7. Clean the excess grease off the Top Rail and Carriage.
  8. Reset the Maintenance Counter in 3D Print.



Number Component


Fast Axis Grease Fitting


Relief Hole