Instructions for Use


VisiJet® PXL requires 3DPrintTM latest software version and up to date firmware.


Color Setting:

On the ProJet 660Pro and 860Pro models, there are two unique color settings to choose from when selecting your ProJet Core Type:

  • Vibrant – Produces bright, vibrant colors for display and showy VisiJet® PXL models.
  • Pastel – Produces more natural skin tones, and accurate colors on your new VisiJet® PXL models.

Infiltrating with ColorBond will bring out the best of these two new color settings for VisiJet® PXL.



Most parts can be removed from the build chamber as soon as the drying cycle is completed. For best appearance, parts should be removed from the build chamber within 24 hours. If your 3D model has thin, fragile features, allow it to dry for another hour in the printer, or in a 40-60°C convection oven for approximately two hours.


After your 3D model is dry and cleaned of excess core, it can be infiltrated. When high strength is not critical, Salt Water Cure™ is a quick, easy way to finish monochrome parts. The best, most colorful, concept models are made by infiltrating with ColorBond. StrengthMax resin will confer superior strength for functional models.

*For more information on the Water Cure procedure, please refer to the Appendix of this guide.


Parts can be sanded to improve the surface finish. Start with 100-grit paper and continue to 220-grit if a smoother finish is desired.  If sanding an infiltrated part, please refer to the User Guide of the infiltrant used for relevant safety information.


Parts printed with VisiJet® PXL can be painted with most commonly available paints and coatings without additional processing after being fully dried and depowdered. For the best surface finish, sand lightly, use a primer, and then apply paint.


Parts printed with VisiJet® PXL can be joined using ColorBond or StrengthMax, as well as many other glues and adhesives.

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